Our Values

Our Mission: To love people, spread joy, and build a business & community that places God at the center.


Joy - Creating a place and product where customers, employees, and  community members will feel a sense of joy.


Humility - By being respectful, truthful and confident but never arrogant, we demonstrate Christ Centered Humility by recognizing our own shortcomings and limitations.


Impact - We will contribute positively to our community by operating our winery in a sustainable fashion, hosting a variety of public events, and contributing to charitable organizations.


Rest - By taking designated time to rest we trust the Father to fill in the gaps and build a unique destination where people can receive rest and solace from an increasingly unstable world.


Teamwork - We diligently work together and go out of our way to help others accomplish our mission.


Quality & Excellence - We will not cut corners on delivering the best customer service, wines, and experiences. People deserve nothing less.

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Local Production

We proudly produce and bottle 100% of our wines right here in South Carolina. While many "wineries" cut corners by bringing in finished wine and simply putting their own label on it, we ferment, age, filter, bottle, label, and cork all of our wines right on our property. We believe this is the ultimate way to control the quality of our wines. We work hard by hand harvesting grapes from our own vineyards, as well as working with several other growing partners to bring in the top quality grapes that make our wines stand out. We know you will taste the difference!

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EV Charger

Got a new electric car? We've got a FREE level 2 charger on our property, so you can charge your car while you recharge in our tasting room!

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Wine Glass Pond

Come out and visit the world's largest wine glass! We've worked hard to create a 45,000 gallon fresh water retention pond shaped like a wine glass!

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Bottle Recycling Program

Since 2017 we've been able to keep over 100,000 wine bottles out of local area landfills. See how you can help out!


Step 1 - Drink Wine

You know, your favorite part! Please invite us over if you need help with this step.


Step 2 - Rinse bottle well & let drain upside down overnight

We want to make sure there isn’t any wine or sediment left in the bottle, and draining it out upside down overnight helps the bottle dry so no mold develops!


Step 3 - Bring back your bottle to the winery & save $1 off wine, food or merchandise!

We will re-sanitize the bottle and re-use it, keeping it out of the landfill and putting some money back in your pocket!

No moldy bottles, or bottles from other wineries will be accepted (but you’re smart and probably guessed that already!)

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Charity Donations

We know that giving back is important. That's why we donate to over 50 different charities and non-profit groups all around South Carolina. We also host several fundraising events for groups in our tasting room, barrel cellar, and vineyard patio each year!

Our People

Most of all, we exist to serve others through great experience and collaboration. Learn more about the rockstar team behind City Scape.