Our Story

It all started on a cold, rainy day in the fall of 2009. Stuck inside on the couch with nothing interesting to do, we started to be plagued with a condition that we loathe most in life called “boredom.” We decided to confront the issue head on and started to brainstorm some creative things to do.

Our minds went to the thought of making beer as we knew plenty of our other friends did this. Even though we do occasionally enjoy a beer on a hot day, we didn’t want to be like everyone else. Then we thought “how about wine?” The moment we had this thought, we knew it was meant to be. Being raised near the Finger Lakes wine region in New York, we both really grew to have a passion for wine over the years. After doing some research we decided that we were ready to make our first batch at home!

We were delighted to find that there was a local winery and winemaking supply store near our home in Greenville, South Carolina. We pulled up to “City Scape Winery” and were we first learned about how to make wine. Hours later, we walked out with the proper wine making supplies and our first wine making kit. Little did we know that this action would change our lives forever.

Six years later our little hobby had turned into more of a lifestyle. In 2012 we made ten different types of wine for our wedding (125 bottles). With it being a big hit, we decided to make even more, even converting one of our guest rooms into a makeshift wine cellar, complete with floor to ceiling wine racks and separate HVAC.

In late 2015, God gave us the opportunity to step into the wine business full time. It was absolutely terrifying, but we quit our full-time jobs, took out a giant loan, and decided to purchase that little winery we had grown to love over the years. Since then we have grown City Scape Winery to become known for amazing wines, beautiful surroundings, and a place to find rest and solace from the pressures of everyday life.

No matter your background, we invite you to come to the winery and experience for yourself what we are all about!


Josh & Deb

Meet The Team


Josh & Debra Jones

Owners & Winemakers

Hi there! We are Josh and Debra Jones, the owners of City Scape Winery and also your hosts, winemakers, and entertainers.

Bri sizemore

Director of Events

In addition to coming up with so many amazing public event ideas, Bri can help you plan an incredible private event! From creating an epic birthday party, to hosting a bridal shower, or even a non-profit charity event, Bri is here to make your event dreams come true!



Director of Merchandise & Staff

Dailie brings with her years of working in the school system that are perfect for helping to make sure our staff has all the training they need to give you the best service on your next visit!

Karl & Jane Jones

Directors of Everything Else

In addition to being Josh's parents, Jane & Karl do a little bit of everything around the winery! Some days that means mowing the lawn, other days it can be help crushing grapes, and other times it can be chasing Pinot the Pig around the vineyard!



Director of Fun

There is nothing normal about having a pig named Pinot as a mascot. In addition to gracing the backside of each of our wine bottles, Pinot is adept in eating copious amounts of food, sleeping sixteen hours a day, and being there whenever you need a smile on your face!

Our Winery Family


There is no way we would be able to run this winery without our family. Jason helps stock the shelves and bar tend, Rachel helps on the cashier and with bottling, Jaxon and Kayla help give everyone exercise, and Jane & Karl do just about everything else!

Having grown up near the finger lakes wine region in New York, we knew the Upstate of South Carolina had the potential to become known for producing world class wines, and we work hard everyday to make that dream a reality!

we are so blessed to employ 40+ amazing people in our local Greenville community

Our Values

On top of the people we serve with everyday, we care about the planet and community as a whole! Learn more about the mission, values, and sustainability that are reflected in the way we operate and run our winery and vineyards.