Now Hiring – Part-time Tasting Associates

Potential Hours (flexible): Wednesdays, Thursday, Friday, Saturdays 11am-7:30pm & Sundays 12pm-6pm

Job Description: Here at the winery we pride ourselves in giving our customers the best experience possible while educating them about our awesome wines. We are looking for part-time servers, hosts and support staff who will reflect our values, personality and love of wine. These talented individuals will possess the following skills: 

  Discerning Wine Palate

  • You love wine and possess extraordinary taste buds to distinguish each of the characteristics that makes it unique.
  • You are also willing to try a variety of wines and discover your personal connections each.

 Amateur Wine Enthusiast

  • You may not be a sommelier, but you have a love and understanding of wine. You are willing to soak in all the knowledge you can to teach our amazing customers about our process and products.
  • As a server, you possess the knowledge of tannins, sulfites, aeration, and fermentation–trust us, we know there is always more to learn on the job! 

Superior Social Skills

  •  You have the innate ability to talk and connect to anyone no matter how socially awkward they may be.
  • No matter your position, you’re ready to greet every customer with a warm smile!

Jaw-Dropping Multitasking Skills

  • In an alternate universe you could have been a juggler because you are able to manage an amazing amount of tasks and customers while maintaining a calm and collective composure. 

Enchanting Storyteller

  • You have the ability to tell the tale of the marriage of the quirky Belton, SC grapes to the powerhouse Cali grapes in order to create the beloved Urban Red Blend while turning right around and telling about our mischievous goats that inspired Muller Two Goats.
  • You are able to tell customers about your connections with our wines and the great tales of how they were made, etc.

Can Make The Tasting Room Sparkle (Literally)

  • You aren’t afraid of using a mop and broom. You also are exceptionally talented in using Windex to make windows and tables shine. 

Charcuterie Board Ninja

  • You can use on-sight training to channel your inner Gordon Ramsey and prepare charcuterie masterpieces.

  Passed Technology and Basic Math Class

  • You are remarkable at pressing buttons, counting cash, giving out precise change and ensuring that customers get the correct bottles of wine to them

Mandatory Requirements

  • Must be legally able to drink wine (21 years of age or older).
  • Must have no qualms with the law (able to pass a drug test and be willing to allow a background check).
  • We are not looking for Hercules but would like you to at least be able to lift 50 pounds. Wine and lawn furniture can be heavy sometimes.
  • 2+ years serving or hosting experience preferred in a established food and beverage company 

Pay range: $18-22/hr

To apply please email: with a resume, and a short paragraph on why you think you would be a good fit!

Interviews will begin starting next week.